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CV Athanasios Stergiou

CV Athanasios Stergiou

Athanasios was born in Athens, Hellas, in July 1979. His origins are from Fthiotis, Syros and Asia Minor.

He started writing from a young age.

He studied in the UK, worked in Greece, the UK and Germany in managerial positions and now his endeavours lie in Heroes Life Coaching.

Strong believer of Humanistic Psychology, his approach is that within us lies a Hero with whom we need to get in touch through the therapeutical and self-consciousness process.

The connection, creation but also integration of this Archetype of ours, plays a catalystic role in regaining and getting back our Strength, as well as taking that Journey within. The objective:

  • Find the answers we were always seeking.

  • Discover our Life Purpose.

  • Live in Harmony, with Peace, Contentment and genuine Relationships.

Life coaching Athanasios Stergiou



Distinction Southampton University, UK
Life Coaching & Consulting

Distinction Level 5 Stonebridge, UK

Positive Psychology Specialization

Pennsylvania University, US

Science of Well Being

Yale University, US



Executive Coaching & Management

Aegean University, EL.KE.DI.M., GR

Personal Development

Distinction Level 4 Adams Academy, UK

Alternative Medicine

Level 4 Adams Academy, UK

Hypnosis Advanced Diploma

Level 4 Adams Academy, UK

Life Purpose Coach

Level 3 Center of Excellence, UK

Professional Life Coaching

Accredited ECA, US

NLP Master Practitioner

Accredited Achology, UK

Life Coaching 

Accredited Achology, UK

Professional Spirituality Coach

Accredited Diploma CTAA, UK

Inner Child Therapy

Accredited CTAA, UK

Inner Child Therapy

Dionysia Giannopouloy

Psychology and Consulting

Aegean University, GR

Rock Maze

Athanasios is Journalling in

Enallaktiki Drasi &

Consciousness Awakening.

He is member of PANFOS NPO.


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