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Meet Athanasios

Heroes Life Coaching & Complementary Therapies

In this beautiful and often difficult Journey, we come and grow through different Waves and unfolding Scenarios. Sometimes we get lost, but sometimes we need to, in order to find our True Self.

My Journey has been no exception. Good but difficult childhood, turbulent adolescence and adulthood, financial, health and relationship issues, you name it.

The only thing that got me going, was that void within, needing to be filled with the discovery of my Life Purpose, and the building of the Hero within.

After a Bsc and an MBA in the UK, over 2 decades working in National and Multinational Enterprises, and a life lasting inner turmoil, I finally came across my Destiny.

Being blessed to have come across many Guides and Mentors, as well as spending years in Psychotherapy, Inner Child Therapy, Complementary Therapies and Esoterism, I finally reconnected with my Heart and Inner Self

The Vision appeared in a glimpse, and only then I understood, that everything led me to this very moment:

Assisting people become their best, for themselves and those they care about, living out their dreams and helping humanity upgrade to a more collective and united consciousness.

They say the two most important days in your Life are:

- The day you were born,

- The day you discover why.

Join me in this Journey, and lets discover together who you were truly born to become.

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Life Coach Athanasios Stergiou
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