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About Heroes Life Coaching

~ All the answers lie within ~

The Hero's Birth

We form our first beliefs and core identity up to the age of roughly seven. Through that identity and beliefs we live our​ lives and gradually from pubity to adolensce we form our paradigm of ourself and the world.

Early and latter trauma conscious or subcosncious, form the mechanisms and programms that run automatically in our minds.

We start reacting to life and we run on autopilot rather than objectively seeing Life as is, losing power and control.

Sad Girl in the Window
Comforting Hands

The Hero's Path

The Five Questions:

Who are you

Where are you now

Where did you come from

Where do you want to go


The process is about diving deep into your Soul and finding the answers to those Life altering questions.

Through Self-Awareness, Inner Child Therapy, Core Values and Beliefs identification and rebuilding, Reframing, Vision forming, Blockages and Self Sabotage alleviating, Goal setting, Motivation and Self Empowerment, together we can bring out the Hero in you.

The Hero that will lead you to a more Fulfilling Life, Authentic Relationships, and Harmonious Inner and Outer Balance.

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