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Discover your True Self 

Hero Life Coaching
with Athanasios Stergiou

Meet Athanasios

Life Coaching & Complementary Therapies

In this beautiful and often difficult Journey, we come and grow through different Waves and unfolding Scenarios. Sometimes we get lost, but sometimes we need to, in order to find our True Self.

My Journey has been no exception. Good but difficult childhood, turbulent adolescence and adulthood, financial, health and relationship issues, you name it.

The only thing that got me going, was that void within, needing to be filled with the discovery of my Life Purpose, and the building of the Hero within.

Life coaching Athanasios Stergiou

What I Specialize In

Discover who you trully are

Identify what is blocking you

Inner Healing

Inner Connection

Vision forming

Hero building

Life Balance

Dream Legacy

There are no wrong Paths or Decisions

The way appears after the First Step

Your Self is always waiting for you

To reconnect, and live your Legacy

"One person infinite solutions! Positive, enthusiastic, trustworthy, speeks straight into your soul. I Admire and respect you highly coach!"

- Vicky D. 


“Been strugling with lack of purpose sense for over a decade. I finally have a vision and am so excited to live.”

- Maritina Kyriakou


“It's amazing how everything is just a click away in our minds. So grateful for helping me walk strong again.”

- Dan Grossenberg


"After so many years of searching on the outside I finally discovered that all the answers were in me. Thank you for helping me believe in myself!"

- Tara Millers


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